Acting as prime contractor or a subcontractor, I-Star Energy Solutions provides new construction, renovation, and maintenance services to variety of commercial, industrial, institutional and government markets. We’re experienced in all types of office, multi-residential and institutional buildings, manufacturing facilities, power plants, process plants and other heavy industrial installations.

Our NIA-certified and BPI-certified technicians utilize state of the art technology and proprietary software to conduct a comprehensive energy appraisal that quantifies heat loss, air tightness, steam tightness, building envelope integrity and equipment energy leaks.

Our I-STAR™ Energy Appraisal Program uses the latest technology, including infrared/digital photography, and state-of-the-art energy assessment appraisal software to quantify your heat loss.

The importance of inspecting mechanical insulation systems has never been greater.

DARFLARE is a chevron system designed to protect underlying steelwork and personnel from high heat flux levels experienced during flaring operations – heat reduction up to 90%.

Designed for the protection of actuators and valves, cable routes, conduits and signal lines, junction boxes, solenoid stations, air receivers, process vessels and other equipment applications requiring fire protection.

DARSHIELD engineered enclosures can provide this protection as they are designed and manufactured specifically to fit the protected equipment.

The DARSPLASH passive fire protection system used in the splash zone is constructed of a rigid 316 Stainless steel construction encapsulating ceramic fiber, and uses standard angle fixings bolting panel to panel together.

Whether you’re looking for applied fireproofing or the application or removal of industrial coatings and linings, we have an extremely experienced workforce in place to finish the job to your exacting standards.

As part of the Building Envelope Assessment, our certified thermographers use infrared detection technology to identify hidden problems that compromise the integrity of your building and contribute to wasted energy.

Through our strategic alliance with Darchem, we offer DARMATT flexible passive fire protection systems and DARSHIELD rigid/compact passive fire protection enclosures.

Through our strategic alliance with Darchem, we specialize in radiant heat shields for the protection of personnel, equipment and structures from heat and flames – onshore and offshore.

Through our strategic alliance with Darchem Engineering, one of the industry’s leading nuclear service providers are united to bring the world’s leading Reflective Metallic Insulation (RMI) product to the United States.

Our team is recognized as being highly safe and very dependable for a wide array of scaffolding, shoring and bracing.

Insulation + Monitoring = Smart! Our unique Smart Sensors integrate wireless sensors with highly efficient insulation.

Specialty Contracting is a core area of expertise in which we have significant experience.